Assignment #2 - Role Playing

SELF PORTRAIT // ROLE PLAYING - To Thine Own Selves Be True

Stitched - September 2015

I had a very rough week starting out. After hearing distressing news about Ama and seeing her condition in person, I wasn't in a state that promoted any creativity. I couldn't focus on anything but her health and well-being. Additionally, other things like missing Chris and worrying about friends did not put me in a good mood - and for me - not in a mood to create anything at all. For the first time in a long time, I felt pure sadness and anxiety - and not for myself. I was in need of a good long cry and cathartic meditation.

On the topic of role-playing, I realized how large my role as the "happy friend" is. I don't believe my role is fake at all - I truly am a happy person and don't want my life to be clouded by minor bumps in the road - but as intensely as I feel the happy, I intensely feel the sad. I am often the one who picks herself up immediately in order to move forward instead of dwelling on the past.

I have always enjoyed working with my hands as well so the resulting idea came to my mind one morning as I was trying to recharge myself. It was something I felt I needed to do. An attempt to my happy self back together in a way.