Who Am I?

I consider myself a generally happy person — not to say that I haven`t gone through my share of struggles — but I think overall, I am a very lucky person for what I have and have been able to experience throughout my life. However, I do feel that I`m always striving for more, reaching out for something — trying to better myself both mentally and physically. My perception of my physical appearance has effected much of the way I`ve grown up and looked at life. If anything, my biggest struggle in life has been my own appearance and addressing my own imperfections is far more difficult for me than the imperfections of everything else. I prefer to deal with my imperfections privately, controlling what other see, so this class will be a challenge for me to step out of this controlled comfort zone into exposing those flaws.

Letting go of control is a very scary thing for someone who often needs a sense of control in her world. But it's important to realize that very few things in life are controllable and it is in the embracing of chaos that we often find peace.