FINAL // Withheld

Not everything is always as it seems. ‘Withheld’ is an expression of my life long tendencies to withhold my emotions and thoughts within myself - for propriety, necessity, others or even myself.

These images are not a representation of those emotions that I hold within me, but instead are my internal experiences of withholding. Underneath the gauze of a smile, are emotions waiting to release, not as an explosion, but as a held breath, subtle and quiet. There is a duality in all that I have experienced, the black and white - the sad and happy - yet this held breath is the bridge between these two emotions and carries the question - to withhold or not to withhold? As both an expressive yet withheld individual, I present my duality alongside other symbols that carry their own duality - the cherry blossom’s eternal beauty, yet fleeting life; hydrangea's grateful abundance, yet vain opulence; lace’s innocent purity, yet sensual revealment.

It is possible that at this point I’m not ready to let go of the things I withhold - that is a journey yet to be embarked on.