Assignment #9 - Body Imperfections



I took one of my imperfections that is technically more obvious to the world, yet I inherently ignore - my face. Because I'm not staring at a mirror all day, the mental vision of my own face does not ever fit the exact image of what it is, resulting in my own shock and dismay when I see my flaws that I don't always imagine to be there. I chose therefore to make my faults into stars, into constellations that make up the universe of who I am.

READING // ORLAN from On the Edge and Over

Reading about Orlan was irritating because all her plastic surgery as an "art" is so strange and disturbing. It was hard to separate the pain I could only imagine each "performance" to be. I did somewhat admire her acknowledgement that her art is not for some greater bigger meaning, but an exploration of her own identity, "Indeed, she is so busy meeting with the press, pursuing her art activities, and making money any way she can that she has little time for the soulful contemplation of celestial goals."