Assignment #10 - Psychological Self Portrait


My first thought for this assignment is that I've been doing it all semester! To a degree, I feel every self portrait is a psychological self portrait because it speaks to what the photographer is mentally trying to express, be it exactly what they look like or a an emotion or experience.  For me, a psychological self portrait is drawn from inside, an emotion, experience, memory, or dream that you want to express visually through a photograph. It doesn't need the artist's face nor does i need to be easily identifiable as a self portrait, because I think it's most important purpose is to the artist themselves. Does it successfully represent what they were intending to?

I tried something darker initially but it didn't sit right with what I had been doing all semester, not a bad thing, but not what I wanted to capture. Instead, I went back to my neutral wall, playing with comfort and the idea of concealing and revealing.