Midterm // This Is Me

This is me - at least the parts that I allow you to see. At times, only the parts I allow myself to see. These are the parts of myself that I am comfortable with and determine worthy of displaying to the world. There are only fragments and they represent fragments of myself - my grasp for something more, my awareness of self, and my silent insecurities. The images also reflect my recent creative feelings as well. I have tried to wipe clean my mind and start from a clean level in an attempt to work my way upward. Especially with outside forces bringing me down in the last couple months, it has been difficult yet therapeutic to create these images.

I am happy and see the world in a brighter light, but the door is still closed on how I feel about myself personally. Maybe by the end of this project I will open up and begin to feel comfortable with showing the parts of myself I currently hide.