Assignment #4 - Abandoned

READING // "Miru Kim Takes Pictures"

I wonder why people are attracted to abandoned places? What is their appeal? The history? The idea that the place was once so inhabited and used and in what seems to be a second, abandoned for the rest of time. I wonder why many abandoned places are left so abandoned - why are they not torn down and refurbished?

I personally prefer clean environments. Clean, white, simple. Miru Kim's images are captivating, but all I could think about was the sanitation of wandering sewers and catacombs in the nude... no bueno for me.


This is a moment of calm and quiet - a moment of stillness and self-reflection. When you stop for just a moment to give thanks for the morning light, smell the freshness of your bedding, and prepare your mind and body for the day ahead.

Abandon the concerns for just a moment and embrace the present moment.

I unknowingly created something for my final thesis, yay! I'm so proud of this image.